How I imagine the moon base will look.

No kidding. As reports, NASA has announced plans that they are moving forward with plans to build a moon base on the dark side of the natural satellite. It will sit in a place known as a ‘libration zone,’ where the gravity of the earth and the moon balance each other out. From there, they posit, they will be able to launch exploration missions to the moon, to mars, to the asteroid belt, etc.

HOW FREAKIN’ COOL IS THIS? As a kid, I was obsessed with space. But there wasn’t much going on when I was growing up. The mars rovers were the big pull (I remember my dad going down to target to get a hot wheels model replica for me, but they were sold out), but there weren’t rockets blasting off to the moon, and the International Space Station hadn’t been built yet.

And while the ISS is cool, and it’s pretty fantastic that we have a group of people constantly living outside of the planet, it’s no moon base!

I hope this is the spur NASA needs and the organization gets back into space exploration. I was disappointed when Obama ended the moon program and didn’t announce anything else major. I wish he had followed it up with “… and we’re announcing plans to go to Mars!” and then climbed into a shuttle and became the first sitting president (any president?) to shoot into outer space. That would have been impressive.

I imagine this moonbase is going to be fantastic. Full of doors that go ‘swoosh’ when they open, an onboard AI computer that can control essential functions (and won’t get all HAL 9000-y), and some sort of awesome racquetball in space type of game. At least, if I was going to spend a ton of money building an awesome floating space station, that’s what I would want.

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